Smoking: For How Long???

Little navya was a 10 yr very nice girl who had a loving father. Her mother died when she was 2 yr old in a car accident. Since then her Father, Mr John has been very caring towards his little angel trying to fill the absence of mother in her life.

One pleasant morning at around 6 AM , Navya was sleeping and Mr john was having a cup of coffee and was exhaling puffs of smoke from his cigarette. Since his beloved wife died, he took up smoking to find some solace in his life. But he always kept careful that he never smoked when his daughter was around. Morning time was best as Navya slept calmly.

Navya woke up at 7Am to get ready for the school. He greeted her daddy good morning who had by then finished his smoking session accompanied by missing the old moments with his wife.

Mr. John greeted her back and hugged her. Navya could recognize by the aroma that her daddy has smoked but she never let him knew that she knew that he smoked. Moreover she was too young to completely understand what smoking is all about.

Then she got ready for the school and went to school. She was in fifth grade and had one subject dealing with general good etiquettes as a part to strengthen the personality of students. As the lecture begins, it was about what tobacco is, products made out of it, harmful effects of nicotine and health effects. She realized that it is a slow poison for life and was sad as she knew somehow that her father also is a smoker.

She went back and was lost in her thoughts all the time.

Mr. John asked her many times if something was troubling her but Navya didn’t tell him anything.

Her daddy was her best friend and her well wisher but she was unable to say anything to him.

At the dinner table she asked her daddy: Can I ask you something.

Surely.. !! Mr John replied.

What if someone close to you is doing something wrong and you are unable to tell them because of fear to loose the good bonding. Should we talk to them and suggest them.

Yes surely. If those people really care for you, they won’t let any suggestions ruin the good bond thay share with each other. If you do care you should talk openly and clear your doubts or suggest something.

Navya thanked daddy for the suggestion and greeted Good night to daddy. She then went to her bed and soon fall asleep.

Next morning Mr. John was busy with her smoke and coffee when little Navya greeted him. He mistakenly forgot to throw the smoke and asked her how she is and if everything is fine as it was too early for her to wake up at 5:30am.

Navya responded with a gloomy face: Yes daddy, I am fine.

Mr John said: Tell me navya. I will help you. I will always be there for you.

NAvya looked up at the burning cigarette and said: But for how long will you be there for me?

These words struck Mr. John and he quickly throw the cigarette.

Navya continued: daddy, I always knew that when you smoked. I am not that small kid who could not tell the smell of nicotine in your breath. But yesterday I came to knew all about what tobacco is all about and perhaps I may sound selfish, I don’t want you to take this poison as I want you to be there for me always. It’s just my wish and this is the thing that was bothering me from few days. I was unable to say this before.

Mr. John was surprised that how soon her young angel had grown up and he realized his mistake. He promised her that he will never smoke again and will be there for her.


Texting versus Calling

Mark has never understood the popularity of messaging important stuff, though all his colleagues enjoyed chatting on messages and exchanging  important information through messaging.

John was one of his colleague at the workplace.

One day John texted Mark:  Hru? C u 8.

Mark didn’t understand the message and thought to ask him the next day and didn’t call John.

Next day when Mark reached office, John came and said: Hey Mark! were you busy yesterday? You did not reply to my message and did not come for get together.

Mark said that he didn’t understand text language yesterday and thought to ask him today.

I just asked you how have you been and asked you to meet at 8pm at the usual place we always meet, therefore I didn’t mentioned the place as we always meet at our favorite place. All the colleagues meet up and had fun. Anyways texting is so easy Mark. It requires less time and we pass our message also. John replied.

Mark said that its other way round for him as he is not used to texting and prefer calling people. Then he smiled and started working on his files.

After few days Mark was in a shopping mall. He received a message from John which stated: meet dn nr ntrance.

Mark again was unable to understand the message with limited information so to avoid any confusion again he called John and asked him what the message was about.

John attended the call and said: Hey Mark me in same mall.. If you are free come downstairs so that we can meet. And please don’t call me, you could have texted me back. It would have taken lesser Marke.

Mark came downstairs and was bit angry and irritated. He greeted John and then messaged John: nt save tym, it requires time, 2 underst&  incomp txts. 9 txts plz.

(underst&= understand, 9 = no)

John said what do you mean by this?

Mark replied: Texting does not save time but it takes time to understand incomplete abbreviations. So do not send me messages with incomplete texts and abbreviations.  It would be better if you could just call me whenever you need.

John realized that if texts are not easy to understand, it really takes time to get correct meaning out of it.

Moreover texts really do not send the real emotions and feelings, they just send the information. 

Conversation between father and son

John came back home in the evening after his work and saw his son, Dev sitting on the bed occupied with some forms and brochures of colleges.

John asked Dev : What happened, son?

Dev replied he was looking at the brochures and forms of the college and was unable to decide which college to choose for his higher studies.

Dev knew that his father was amongst the topper in his school days but could not study further due to economical constraints and family responsibilities. His dad has applied for the college but at last was not able to join.

Dev said: You started working for meeting family needs at an early age and was unable to join college. Right dad ?

John replied: Yes, the choices I made were best according to the situation and I will assure you have freedom to take your decisions in life and live your life according to your age. I don’t want you to worry or think about all this.

Dev asked John: Don’t u regret your decision or feel you missed something by not going to college?

John replied: I know I missed something good but don’t regret it. Rather than desolating in the sea of sadness I looked upon at opportunities and work to build my own business step by step. Life is too short for regrets to keep for lifetime. You can’t achieve everything you want but you can surely work towards your goals and try to fulfill them.

Dev understood his father’s point. He collected all the forms and kept them aside. He was crystal clear about what he wanted and has taken the final decision.

After a minute of silence Dev said: Daddy, which college you would have chosen to study.. ??

Pour some sugar on me

Daily Prompt: Pour some sugar on me

What is your favorite sweet thing to eat? Bread pudding? Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? A smooth and creamy piece of cheesecake? Tell us all about the anticipation and delight of eating your favorite dessert. Not into sweets? Tell us all about your weakness for that certain salty snack.

I have to admit that I have a sweet tooth. I like gorging on all sweets, pudding, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, cheesecake, doughnuts… Choosing one ignoring others will not be a fair thing to do.. Whenever I feel sad or little stressed having chocolates is the best option that cross my mind but keeping in mind not to eat a large portion. It sort of relax and tend to take my focus away from the problem atleast till the time I am enjoying any of my loving dessert.


 Shama was sitting in her office occupied with the files when a fellow colleague, Suresh happlily confronted her with packs of Aam Papad.

Aam papad is a fruit leather made out of mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar solution and sun dried.

“I went to Amritsar and brought Aam papad for all of the colleagues. Have some.” Suresh said happily.

Shama thanked Suresh and he went on to distribute aam papad to other colleagues in the office.

Shama with the piece of Aam Papad was wandering in her thoughts. Aam Papad has been her favorite sweet and reminded her of her best friend since childhood.

Shama and Reena met in sixth grade in school. Though they were poles apart in their thinking and attitude, they became best friends with time. Amongst all differences they share some common likes amidst which was their love for Aam Papad. Easy availability in the school canteen was a benefit for them. Whenever anyone felt bad or had a small fight , Aam papad served as a rescue. They both will eat it together and discuss their problems and feelings with each other. Aam papad turned out to be their best snack during their discussions in the school time.

Back to the present she ate the aam papad and completed her work. Then soon at the way back home she thought to meet her dear friend and also bought aam papad for her.

She rang the bell and Reema opened the door.

Shama hugged her and gave her a pack of aam papad. Reema smiled and then for two hours they had dinner and aam papad with lots of talking, gossiping and laughing.

Shama left for her home and thought:  Few things always remain special to us however, they may seem worthless or small to others.


In life, some things always make us remind of some moment or some person in specific and remain special for us.