I am a 20+ student. This blog as its name suggests deals with the random ideas of mine.. My own views and perspectives about things and the way I perceive life.. Whether it’s a random click, a random smile, a random walk, a random surprise.. randomness often carries with it something good and is quite good.. a random pic is more real than a planned snap..

Random is a mixture, of many thoughts

of many experiences, of many stories

It is unplanned, without guided direction

It is never precise, and that’s why called


The following traits decipher me as a person:

  • Passionate about life
  • Inclined towards music (preferably love guitar)
  • Enjoy chit chat and gupshup with friends
  • Loves clicking snaps (a random click) and photomanipulations
  • Loves watching movies.

I believe in destiny but also on the efforts and hard work we put to achieve success in life. My friends calls me friendly and a person with whom they feel comfortable and can share things. I believe family as the biggest support system one can have.

I look upon this blog as a platform to write and share my thoughts. I am not a professional writer. Please comment or like my posts if you like them. Hope you can relate with my views and enjoy my writing.. 🙂

Note: In some posts I will be writing on material which is available online.  If there is any copyrighted material that is yours without credit, please contact me on lifeatrandomoutlook@gmail.com and I will add you as a source or delete material.


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