Smoking: For How Long???

Little navya was a 10 yr very nice girl who had a loving father. Her mother died when she was 2 yr old in a car accident. Since then her Father, Mr John has been very caring towards his little angel trying to fill the absence of mother in her life.

One pleasant morning at around 6 AM , Navya was sleeping and Mr john was having a cup of coffee and was exhaling puffs of smoke from his cigarette. Since his beloved wife died, he took up smoking to find some solace in his life. But he always kept careful that he never smoked when his daughter was around. Morning time was best as Navya slept calmly.

Navya woke up at 7Am to get ready for the school. He greeted her daddy good morning who had by then finished his smoking session accompanied by missing the old moments with his wife.

Mr. John greeted her back and hugged her. Navya could recognize by the aroma that her daddy has smoked but she never let him knew that she knew that he smoked. Moreover she was too young to completely understand what smoking is all about.

Then she got ready for the school and went to school. She was in fifth grade and had one subject dealing with general good etiquettes as a part to strengthen the personality of students. As the lecture begins, it was about what tobacco is, products made out of it, harmful effects of nicotine and health effects. She realized that it is a slow poison for life and was sad as she knew somehow that her father also is a smoker.

She went back and was lost in her thoughts all the time.

Mr. John asked her many times if something was troubling her but Navya didn’t tell him anything.

Her daddy was her best friend and her well wisher but she was unable to say anything to him.

At the dinner table she asked her daddy: Can I ask you something.

Surely.. !! Mr John replied.

What if someone close to you is doing something wrong and you are unable to tell them because of fear to loose the good bonding. Should we talk to them and suggest them.

Yes surely. If those people really care for you, they won’t let any suggestions ruin the good bond thay share with each other. If you do care you should talk openly and clear your doubts or suggest something.

Navya thanked daddy for the suggestion and greeted Good night to daddy. She then went to her bed and soon fall asleep.

Next morning Mr. John was busy with her smoke and coffee when little Navya greeted him. He mistakenly forgot to throw the smoke and asked her how she is and if everything is fine as it was too early for her to wake up at 5:30am.

Navya responded with a gloomy face: Yes daddy, I am fine.

Mr John said: Tell me navya. I will help you. I will always be there for you.

NAvya looked up at the burning cigarette and said: But for how long will you be there for me?

These words struck Mr. John and he quickly throw the cigarette.

Navya continued: daddy, I always knew that when you smoked. I am not that small kid who could not tell the smell of nicotine in your breath. But yesterday I came to knew all about what tobacco is all about and perhaps I may sound selfish, I don’t want you to take this poison as I want you to be there for me always. It’s just my wish and this is the thing that was bothering me from few days. I was unable to say this before.

Mr. John was surprised that how soon her young angel had grown up and he realized his mistake. He promised her that he will never smoke again and will be there for her.


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