Texting versus Calling

Mark has never understood the popularity of messaging important stuff, though all his colleagues enjoyed chatting on messages and exchanging  important information through messaging.

John was one of his colleague at the workplace.

One day John texted Mark:  Hru? C u 8.

Mark didn’t understand the message and thought to ask him the next day and didn’t call John.

Next day when Mark reached office, John came and said: Hey Mark! were you busy yesterday? You did not reply to my message and did not come for get together.

Mark said that he didn’t understand text language yesterday and thought to ask him today.

I just asked you how have you been and asked you to meet at 8pm at the usual place we always meet, therefore I didn’t mentioned the place as we always meet at our favorite place. All the colleagues meet up and had fun. Anyways texting is so easy Mark. It requires less time and we pass our message also. John replied.

Mark said that its other way round for him as he is not used to texting and prefer calling people. Then he smiled and started working on his files.

After few days Mark was in a shopping mall. He received a message from John which stated: meet dn nr ntrance.

Mark again was unable to understand the message with limited information so to avoid any confusion again he called John and asked him what the message was about.

John attended the call and said: Hey Mark me in same mall.. If you are free come downstairs so that we can meet. And please don’t call me, you could have texted me back. It would have taken lesser Marke.

Mark came downstairs and was bit angry and irritated. He greeted John and then messaged John: nt save tym, it requires time, 2 underst&  incomp txts. 9 txts plz.

(underst&= understand, 9 = no)

John said what do you mean by this?

Mark replied: Texting does not save time but it takes time to understand incomplete abbreviations. So do not send me messages with incomplete texts and abbreviations.  It would be better if you could just call me whenever you need.

John realized that if texts are not easy to understand, it really takes time to get correct meaning out of it.

Moreover texts really do not send the real emotions and feelings, they just send the information. 


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