Conversation between father and son

John came back home in the evening after his work and saw his son, Dev sitting on the bed occupied with some forms and brochures of colleges.

John asked Dev : What happened, son?

Dev replied he was looking at the brochures and forms of the college and was unable to decide which college to choose for his higher studies.

Dev knew that his father was amongst the topper in his school days but could not study further due to economical constraints and family responsibilities. His dad has applied for the college but at last was not able to join.

Dev said: You started working for meeting family needs at an early age and was unable to join college. Right dad ?

John replied: Yes, the choices I made were best according to the situation and I will assure you have freedom to take your decisions in life and live your life according to your age. I don’t want you to worry or think about all this.

Dev asked John: Don’t u regret your decision or feel you missed something by not going to college?

John replied: I know I missed something good but don’t regret it. Rather than desolating in the sea of sadness I looked upon at opportunities and work to build my own business step by step. Life is too short for regrets to keep for lifetime. You can’t achieve everything you want but you can surely work towards your goals and try to fulfill them.

Dev understood his father’s point. He collected all the forms and kept them aside. He was crystal clear about what he wanted and has taken the final decision.

After a minute of silence Dev said: Daddy, which college you would have chosen to study.. ??


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