Give life to faded friendship

Friendship is the sweetest relationship in the world. I wonder how the equations sometimes change about friendship as we grow up.

True to say that mostly friends during school time are true gems to be kept forever..

In school we all must be having that one special friend or a group of friends which we adore. We play together, play small pranks together, part of all praise and punishments together. In school days the significant thing is playing with friends and our group for playing, sharing things. Life is bliss at this phase. We have our school farewell and everyone assure to other friends that they will remain in contact no matter whatever happens.

Now it’s time to enter the college life.

College lives also let us meet new friends. Amidst all the class rivalry, ego and competition to excel at top to get good placements (which are definitely not a part of school life) we find some true friends here too. Meanwhile school friends too are in contact though not at the regular pace they used to be. Soon college days too came to an end and there we are facing the world which is yet too unexplored by us.

We become independent and are ready to explore the job life or entrepreneurship

We climb upon the way and soon we find ourselves working in some big MNC’s, corporate offices or establishing our own business. Now the friendship may change over time.

It may be due to growing older, relocation for a job, a fight, marriage or kids. It is an inevitable fact that life takes people in new directions, growing apart from old friends became a part of our lives.

We are busy with the daily working routines, family and within few years if we get married we get busy in our new lives and then our kids. The frequent meetings soon turned out to be one of the rarest. It’s not like we have changed or our dear friends are no more important to us, its just with changing life, time constraints and other social reasons (I do accept that time is just an excuse given by us, if we really mean anything we would anyhow meet them but so many times we think to call any friend, then leave it for next days, days becomes months and then years.. true in many cases.) no one has enough time for meet up.


But in this tech savvy world we can be in contact with them through messages and calls unlike older times. Rather than fear the loss of the old bonding with friends, make an effort to balance the life both on personal and professional front. Perhaps we can’t catch up often with old buddies but make sure whenever you meet, talk like nothing has changed.

It doesn’t matter how many days or years go by, a best friend is someone who after numerous years you can still talk to like it was yesterday.

Often people realize how much they have neglected to restock their pool of friends only when they encounter a big life event and they have no friend circle for care and support. Friends are the keeper of our darkest secrets; they make the good times better and the harder times easier. In the walk of life friends are the family we choose. Treasure your real friends and do not let any time constraints built between you. Keep in touch and share things.

Savor your friendships and stay blessed. 🙂



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