One billion dollars and me.. !!

Daily Prompt: You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

Not in one of my wildest dream I would have ever anticipated myself winning a lottery worth $ 1 billion (100 crore dollars). If this happens in reality I would be on cloud nine. For me it would be such a large amount of money which, honestly speaking I would have to think how to spend. Spending a Billion dollar will surely be a tricky thing for me.

Many a times we think if we would have little more money we would have done that specific thing or brought something but sincerely even at times if someone give me 1 lac it would be difficult to spend and I have to think for means what to buy and what to do with even 1 lac rupees (If me not buying a penthouse, a sports car  as these things I am already having though at smaller scale. A home I live is big enough for my family and the car is just perfect for roadtrips.. 🙂 ).

If I imagine what I will do with one billion dollars, I would like to fulfill some of my self interests with 1/20th part of the lottery (It would be more than enough for my interests). I will buy for me and my family a penthouse apartment, lavish car and all bountiful luxuries. I would start my own little business and will promote it (preferably related to food items.. yummy.. ) so that I could grow it further and will work hard for it. Even when I buy all the lavish lifestyle for me, my family and my dear ones I will be left with much amount to spend even after fulfilling all of my fantasies.

I will be using the remaining part of money for fulfilling some of my wishes:

  • Helping people fighting cancer around the world as it is the deadliest disease leading to mortality. Cancer treatment is too costly and the amount the patient has to suffer psychologically and financially is beyond limits. Maybe I would be able to provide little financial support to them.
  • I will be helping old age homes and orphanages. These people require love and support and helping them with money would just be a step towards helping them.
  • I will also help the NGO’s working for good cause and requiring monetary support.
  • I will try to establish good educational institutions which provide the best education for all groups of people. I myself would like to be a part of the educational initiative by teaching them apart from providing financial support.

I know money is not the sole requirement but it is a very important necessity in life. I accept money can’t buy everything but money would provide me an opportunity to make small changes to the society and the country and also the world at a larger perspective. I would try to make a better place to live and will bring smiles on the face of as many people as I can. 


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