Enjoy the Grandeur of a Cup of Tea

A cup Of Coffee

Having a cup of tea/coffee is regular substitute for catching up a conversation with someone whether at a workplace or an informal meetup. Tea breaks are a common affair whether you are in college, office, formal or informal gatherings and it don’t require much of time or money commitment.

The interaction over tea-table often ends up in fruitful discussions and good bonding between people. Frequently the unintended tea breaks after the college hours with batch mates provide a chance to share our views and know each other better. Then these chance meetings soon turned out to be planned ones to share the whereabouts of the whole day and the batch mates soon turns out to be our good friends.

In this urbane lifestyle people are busy with their jobs and mundane routines so they often miss the splendor of having a cup of tea with our well wishers serenely.

I just wanted you to wonder about what Mr. Dilhan (associated with Dilmah Tea)  says If you don’t have 5 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea you have to re-evaluate your life

P.S. I myself used to meet few classmates over tea time during college days and eventually they turned out to be friends for life. (The busy schedules of lecture never let us know each other much but tea breaks gave us a sigh of relief.. :P)


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